Refugee family reunion / Joining Family

Applications to Join Family

There are many different ways to come to the UK to spend time or settle with family members. Our solicitors can help with your application.

Joining British Citizens and settled family members

Family members of a British Citizen or someone who has indefinite leave to remain wishing to come and join them in the UK, or remain here with them indefinitely is possible. The complexity of these applications are easily met by our solicitors

Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules which covers individuals wanting to join partners in the UK to settle such as fiancé, unmarried and civil partners, married, parents, children may apply under this category and must satisfy general suitability and eligibility requirements.

This category is applicable in the cases of bereaved partners and Domestic Violence victims.

If applications do not meet the requirements for partners and children, considerations under the exceptions may apply.

Joining family members from the European Economic Area (EEA)

European Union citizen, you may be able to join, or remain with them under European Union law.

EEA national family member must be exercising treaty rights through employment, self-employment, financial self-sufficiency or study  to be able to join them to reside in the UK

Married partners, parents and children can join the EU national family member. Other family members may also be able to join the EU family member in the UK, but the legal and evidential requirements can be complex and different.

Some family members of European Union nationals are able to retain rights out of their relationships, or rights to remain in the UK derived out of their relationship with a European Union family member, e.g. carers of British Citizen children or dependent family members.

Points Based System Migrant Family Members

Applying under this category, partners and children can join their family member who is studying or working in the UK under Tier 1, 2 and 5 of the points based system, after showing that they are able financially to support the family whilst remaining in the UK

Tier 4 of the points based systems allows certain categories of student’s family members to join them in the UK.

Joining Refugee Family Members and Family Members with Humanitarian Protection / Family Reunion

Family Reunion is the process where a family member was granted International Protection such as a refugee status or Humanitarian Protection, and therefore, their family members may join them in the UK.

They have to show that they are family member of the sponsor  before claiming asylum in the UK.

Visiting family

Visit Visas can be granted up to 6 months to family members of British Citizen or a settled person if they meet the requirements of Appendix V of the Immigration Rules.

Visit visas are not restricted to tourist visas, bearing in mind that there are no rights to appeal against refusal.

Spouse Visa

Applications for entry clearance or further leave to remain as a spouse, fiancé, unmarried partner can be made providing you meet the criteria.

European Economic Area

We advise on all European Economic Area (EEA) applications such as Permanent Residence, Residence Cards, Family Permits.