Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolutions

A dispute is a conflict between two parties and can occur in many areas regulated by law such as family, employment and commerce.

At BMS solicitors we work with clients to resolve a wide range of disputes. These include property, landlord and tenant disputes, wills and estates, consumer matters and professional negligence. We will support the client and fight for the best interests of our client.

BMS solicitors will help our clients to negotiate and attempt to resolve the dispute to avoid the cost and stress of going to court, which is a last resort. If the dispute proceeds to court then the solicitor will work towards ensuring the dispute is settled to the clients’ satisfaction.

To avoid going to court, clients can agree to use Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods. ADR methods include mediation and arbitration. The process of arbitration can settle commercial disputes without the need for court proceedings. Family disputes can be settled by mediation but a court order will be needed to make a formal settlement.

BMS solicitors can provide advice about the different and most appropriate resolution methods. We can refer clients to an independent mediator and can also speak for our client during mediation.