Driving Offences

When driving, one momentary lapse of focus can change a routine journey into a terrible ordeal. Even careful, conscientious drivers can find themselves facing serious charges after an accident, whether damage, injury or death resulted.

Our specialist motoring solicitors are experienced in representing clients facing a wide range of driving offences, including:

  • Dangerous driving
  • Careless driving
  • Driving whilst under the influence
  • Driving without insurance or MOT certificate
  • Speeding offences

We regularly instruct members of the Bar, giving advice and guidance when needed and making sure that cases are allocated with barristers that have relevant experience. By working closely with a wide range of experts, we can put forth an effective defence, including “special reasons” to avoid disqualification for clients who plead guilty and/or are found guilty.

Fixed fees for Motoring Offences

If you have to appear at court for a motoring offence, you may be worried about appearing at court unrepresented. At BMS Solicitors we understand the anxiety you face appearing at court and can represent you at court . We offer a fixed fee option which give a clear indication of the actual fees you will have to pay

Our Fixed Fees

Having considered the main issues likely to arise in your case we can catagorise the fees payable as follows: –

· Oral Representations – The fees in this type of cases involves no attendance by a legal representative at Court. The fees we charge are for advice, preparation and written representations to the Court, our fixed fees range from :-

£250.00 plus VAT (20%) and range up to £750.00 plus VAT.

· Representation at Court – our fixed fees are for a legal representative to attend all hearing at court. The fixed fees payable are for the advice, preparation and physical representation by legal representative at Court, our fixed fees range from:-

£500.00 plus VAT and range up to £2500.00 plus VAT.

The fees payable will be dependent on the complexity of the case, your plea and the location of the hearing.

Disbursements are ot included in the fixed fees. Disbursements are costs which we incur on your behalf and examples include expert reports and barrister fees. We will give you a approximate likely coat of any fees payable to the fixed fees as soon as possible.