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Jawad Babar – Principal Solicitor LLB (Hons), LLM

Jawad Babar is a leading criminal law solicitor with particular legal specialism in defending  clients  facing serious criminal prosecution  Including  fraud, drug trafficking, regulatory and money laundering charges.  Jawad  has represented  many high-profile individuals who have needed expert advice on all aspects of  criminal law.

Jawad is based at the Manchester office where he has built up a strong reputation for providing first-class client care and extensive legal advice. Previously a partner with the renowned London based Stokoe Partnership, Jawad was able to lead a multitude of high profile, complex cases involving a vast array of speciality areas, including terrorism, serious organised crime and money laundering.

In September 2016, Jawad moved on to set up BMS Solicitors and has expanded his client base and area of focus, to include a number of major international and diplomatic affairs, involving high profile individuals from the Middle East and North Africa.

Jawad regularly conducts conferences with influential members of the global business community and advises on international, trade and immigration law.

A thoughtful, methodical lawyer, with a finite attention to detail, Jawad consistently provides accurate, critical and conclusive legal advice.

Languages spoken: English and Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi.

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Khairie Gedal Esq – LLB (Hons), Barrister – Year of Call 2011

Khairie is based at the London office, where he is responsible for advising clients through a wide range of legal sectors including crime, international law, contract, immigration and diplomatic law.

After being called to the Bar in 2011, Khairie became the Legal Advisor to the Libyan Embassy and Consulate, where he represented the State of Libya in numerous legal theaters and covered an extensive range of cases. He still maintains strong ties to the diplomatic community.

He now focuses on providing quality advice as well as representing clients in the Magistrates, Crown and High Courts.

A confident, fearless and strategic advocate, Khairie ensures that the position of the client is communicated clearly and effectively.

Languages spoken: English, Conversational Arabic

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Hana Ahmed – LLB (Hons), BVC Diploma – Senior Legal Advisor – Year of Call 2013

Hana spends her time between the London and Manchester office and specialises in Criminal, Civil, Personal Injury, Clinical Negligence and regulatory work.

Her main focus is on civil litigation and in partiulular, major, multi track cases. Her command and understanding of these subjects is such, that she was selected to appear on live television, provide legal advice and answer questions put to her by a panel of experts. Hana also has experience in family law and recently represented a foreign embassy at a major trial that involved care issues of a complex and diplomatic nature.

As someone who is highly adept at legal research, constructing legal arguments and conducting client conferences, Hana ensures that each case is approached and executed in a skilled manner and her consistency is the mark of a true professional.

Languages spoken: English, Urdu, Hindi  and Punjabi

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Waqas Hussain – Solicitor LLB (Hons), LLM

Waqas is a solicitor based at the Manchester branch and primarily focuses on Criminal Defence work. Since joining BMS Solicitors Waqas has worked on many serious areas of crime vastly consisting of Banking Fraud, Firearms and Drug offences. He has also had significant experience In Public Order offences and most recently was instructed on a high-profile violent disorder attracting the attention of the media.

This area involves advising clients in both the magistrates and Crown Court in addition to the preparation of complex cases for Counsel ensuring that his clients are provided with an exceptional service.

With a reputation for meticulous attention to detail, an exacting standard of service and a willingness to go above and beyond his duty, Waqas ensures that clients are always the priority and are treated as such.

Languages spoken English, Urdu and Punjabi

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Edna has worked at BMS Solicitors since the inception and launch of the company as Office Manager. As one of the original team members, her long standing understanding of the organisation and ability to utilise this understanding, her role is integral to the smooth running of the office.

Prior to working at BMS Solicitors, Edna has worked for other leading UK law firms, wherein she has gained her expansive experience.

As the first point of contact, Edna is able to empathise with, understand and listen to each individual who contacts the firm and then liaise with the appropriate team member to ensure the enquiry is handled in an efficient and pragmatic manner.

In addition to our professional and dynamic team

BMS Solicitors is able to draw on a close and extensive network of experts, including leading Queens Counsel, doctors, forensic accountants and engineers, who are all able to provide insight, advice and opinion in order to support your case, whether issuing proceedings or defending action taken against you or your business.

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