Police Station

Any individual arrested or being questioned at a police station is entitled to free advice and representation, regardless of financial constraints. You can either call a duty solicitor, or call your own solicitor. We can represent you as your own solicitor if required. We can attend any police station in the UK with you or arrange for someone to attend on your behalf, if we are not available. Either way, you can rest assured that we will be dealing with your case if you instruct BMS Solicitors to.

Magistrates & Crown Courts

If you decided not to have a Solicitor at the police station stage, but then find yourself charged with an offence, we can still represent you. You may still be eligible for legal aid, depending on your financial means. This stage will involve us preparing your case, for a possible trial, on a one to one basis.

Appeals & Miscarriage of Justice

If you have already been convicted of an offence (and you wish to appeal the decision) and feel you are a victim of a miscarriage of justice and wish to appeal your conviction then this can also be arranged. If you feel that the solicitor that dealt with your initial trial is no longer suitable to represent you and a fresh pair of eyes and ears are required to get you the desired result then do not hesitate in making contact.