Commercial Contracts

Commercial Contracts

Businesses rely greatly on agreements that are made between each other. These set the parameters and terms of trade. They could be between buyers and sellers, or service providers and distributors.

BMS Solicitors are happy to quote for the drafting of any commercial contracts that may be needed. Should a business relationship go wrong in the future this would prove to be a prudent exercise. There may be a reliance on commercial contracts in court to protect yourself against a potential claim or to enable you to bring an action against any potential breach or dispute.

Examples of these are Sales Agreements, Distribution Agreements, Warranties, Guarantees, Standard Terms and Conditions and Franchise Agreements.

When business relationships become strained, your company may be left with no other option than to enter into CIVIL LITIGATION. We can also assist with any negotiations to try and avoid LITIGATION. As this should be a last resort.

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