Making A Will After Your Spouse Or Partner Has Died

Coming to terms with the death of your spouse or partner is never an easy step to overcome. However financial stability will need to be something you and your family consider and resolve any legal issues.

After granting probate and the estate has been settled, you may need to consider amending your own will to ensure your family are looked after if the worst was to happen to you.

Things to think about

When you feel able to think about taking steps forward and make a new will, consider carefully how you want to divide up your assets, valuable items, your estate and money all need to be considered when dividing your property.

Since writing your will previously, the value of your estate may have increased and inheritance tax may need to be considered when structuring your estate. Choosing BMS Solicitors to handle your will we can minimise the amount of inheritance tax payable when you die.

There are many ways in which we can minimise this cost such as through gifts or making a will trust.


More haste less speed

When making your will unless you have an illness causing you to act faster than usual than make sure not to rush into the process.

Otherwise the will might be challenged after your death and could be deemed invalid if done too soon on the basis that you lacked the necessary mental capacity.

It is important to discuss such issues with your solicitor, particularly if you are suffering acute grief, are worried about undue influence, or wish to make arrangements which might be unpopular.

Any will with BMS Solicitors can be amended as often as you like, so keep your new will under review, particularly if your financial or personal circumstances change. Remember, if you remarry or enter into a civil partnership, any existing will is automatically revoked and is no longer valid so you will then need to consider making another will.

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