Help with small claims

Help with small claims

As a result of recent changes in law, a small claim is now any claim worth up to £10,000. This includes (amongst others) building disputes, contract disputes and debt disputes.

Unfortunately, this may mean that you struggle to obtain legal advice or representation at Trial for any claim valued up to £10,000 – even though your claim may be complex and the Court process itself complicated.

This is because generally in the Small Claims Court, any costs you incur with solicitors – even if you win your claim or successfully defend it – cannot be recovered from the losing party.

Due to this BMS Solicitors have introduced a Fixed Fee Scheme. This includes a fixed fee initial interview scheme for all claims (except for personal injury conferences which are free).

Our aim is to provide you with the specific advice that you need at a cost that is both affordable and fixed – so that you can plan and always know your costs will never become unmanageable or exceed your budget.